Here's another trailer for BLUE TALK AND LOVE! This one is from "Adale", a story about the early stages of Harlem's gentrification in the 90's, seen through the eyes of a young mother trying to make meaning for her children's lives. Hope you enjoy!

"Wolfpack", the first of a series of book trailers from BLUE TALK AND LOVE. This story is for the New Jersey Four, a group of young black queer women convicted of felony gang assault for defending themselves against a man who threatened to rape them in NYC's West Village in 2006.


"Wolfpack," Young Fiction Writers feature, with Alex Gilvarry and Jessica Soffer, Kelly Writers House Oct 2009: 
Introduction @ 38.40

The Center for Fiction - An Evening with the Center For Fiction Fellows, 2012

Sunday Salon - Bread Loaf Writers Conference - Dark Tower Reading Series, 2011

"Sererie" excerpt, Modern Language Association reading, Dec 2009:

Begins @ 4:15


"Choice and Style" PoemTalk panel on Amiri Baraka's "Kenyatta Listening to Mozart" with Alan Loney and Herman Beavers, April 2009: