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“‘I think you changed the world’: Black Lesbian Feminism in Love and Letters” Introduction to Sister Love: The Collected Letters of Audre Lorde and Pat Parker

“‘Let The Madness in the Music Get To You’: Poetic Possibilities from the Black Sonic Underground” College Literature  

“‘Put My Thang Down, Flip it and Reverse it’: Interstitial Languages of Body and Desire in Black Women’s Literary Cultures” American Literary History

“‘Walkin’ on the Edges of the Galaxy: Queer Choreopoetic Thought in the African Diaspora” The Scholar and Feminist

“Amy” A Manner of Being: Writers and their Mentors 

“Erotic Labor and the Black Ecstatic ‘Beyond’” American Quarterly

“A Thing of Blackness and Beauty: Toni Morrison’s God Help the Child” Women’s Review of Books

“Why Set it Off is a Foundational Film for Black Feminism” (Fall, 2016)            

“These words/ they are stones in the water” Introduction to The Feminist WireForum on June Jordan (Spring, 2016)

"Fat Mutha*: Hip-Hop's Queer Corpulent Poetics" Palimpsest: Journal of Women, Gender and the Black International

 "'Unsayable Secrets' of Diaspora's Bodily History" (Roundtable essay on M. NourbeSe Philip Jacket2)

"Piper's Adventures in Blackness" (Roundtable Essay on Orange is the New Black)

"The Uses of Quiet" Zora Magazine

"Six Feet Under, Above, Beyond" (Review of Christopher Peterson's Kindred Specters) GLQ: Lesbian and Gay Studies Quarterly

"How to Be Black in the Age of Obama, George Zimmerman, and Paula Deen: Notes from Summer 2013" The Feminist Wire. (Reprint)  The Root  (Reprint)

"Media, Sports, and Black Queer Youth: Tayshana Murphy and the Dimming of Stars" The Feminist Wire. Ms. Magazine online.  (Reprint)

"Your Abstention Will Not Protect You: Voting and Radical Black Feminist Politics"  (Mecca Jamilah Sullivan and C. Riley Snorton). The Feminist Wire.

"Black Queer Gender and Pariah's 'Grand Swagger" The Feminist Wire.

"Pear Blossoms and Mule Eyes: A Review of Rachel Eliza Griffiths's Mule & Pear" Mosaic Magazine.

Interviews & Profiles

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